Datarails CONNECT Benefits

Real-time connectivity to your ERP

Seamlessly integrate and synchronize with your ERP system for instant and accurate data connectivity. No more manual downloads, CSVs, or working with outdated numbers, export your data from your ERP into Excel with one click. 

Efficiently create your financial reports

Get all of your P&L, Balance sheet, Cash flow, budget and forecast data in a simplified and efficient manner. No need for customer support, it’s that simple.

Ad-hoc reporting with seamless consolidation

Consolidate all of your different data sources for easy ad-hoc reporting. Whether you have different reports in your ERP, consolidated ERP data or CRM data, we’ve got you covered.

Cross departmental reporting

Datarails CONNECT allows all end users in your organization, in Finance or any other department to independently work with data without need for external or IT help. People benefit and so does the work.